Founded in 1994, Famiglia Imports USA is full service importer of fine wines from around the world.

Clare Romano

Sourcing of unique and traditional wines is a service provided for our parent company Romano Brands Fine Wines as well as other importers and wholesalers primarily based in the United States of America.  Clare Romano oversees all factions of Famiglia Imports USA as its’ Director in Chief.  Her primary responsibility as the Director of Wines and Logistics is to work closely with numerous international and governmental trade organizations. Clare Romano travels extensively to many countries seeking wines that are characteristic to the locale within the indigenous country of selection.

The recent addition is Mr. Lars Leicht!

The newest member of the team, wine industry veteran Lars Leicht, brings three decades of experience in import, sales, public and trade relations as well as wine education. In particular, his specialization in luxury wines adds a new dimension to Famiglia Imports with the development of our Artisan Wine Selections team.

Some of the Italian brands selected by Lars include Cerulli Spinozzi, Corte Quaiara, I Saltari, KIN Erbaluce, Canastrari, Bocchino, Le Vigne San Pietro and Montalbano Bio.

There will be more to follow so please stay tuned!

office-7The understanding and implementation of strategic logistics between suppliers and clients are maintained through our office based in New York. Shipping and warehousing is overseen by our dedicated staff to streamline transitions of wine products.

US wine wholesalers and international importers can contact Famiglia Imports USA for any assistance is securing wines by calling: (646) 948-1100